Search engine optimization of the web site (SEO) Search engine optimization of the website (SEO) Flexible web solutions Flexible web site solutions Minimized program code for faster site loading and lower bandwidth Minimized program code for faster website loading and lower bandwidth Comprehensible expert consultations during the web site construction Comprehensible expert consultations during the website construction

Unique web design:


Design (template) of web site for:

  • Hotel
  • Tour Operator
  • Accommodations


Design (template) of web site for:

  • Automotive Dealership
  • Auto Parts Online Shop

Real Estates

Design (template) of web site for:

  • Real Estate Agency
  • Construction Company
  • Design and Architecture Company
  • Construction Supervision Company


Design (template) of web site for:

  • Boutique
  • Fashion Online Shop


Design (template) of web site for:

  • Lawyer's Office
  • Aluminium / PVC Window Frames
  • Furniture's Design House


Design (template) of web site for:

  • Photographer's Portfolio
  • Artists and Painters
  • Stylists
  • Engraving Art

Our Services


Popularity of a website for a specific market and/or specific group of users / readers

This service is a sort of targeted marketing, known as SEO - Search Engine Optimization, and may be ordered for a particular geographic region, e.g. only for the city of Varna, or only for Greece, or only for the English speaking audience of your users.

Code Remake of a ready website for a better popularity

This service represents small, but considerable changes in your website code, which remain invisible for your users, but speak in a new and friendly manner to Google and the other search engines, and bring you ahead in their search results pages. Also, the faster loading of your website on your users' computers shall bring them joy and keep their attention longer.

Remake of a ready website for a better appearance for your users

This service includes improving of the design and the link system of your website pages. It may include even a consulting on the exact words selection in your texts, exploring competitive websites, and specific improvements on your website functionality.

Subscribed Site Support

This service means a periodical updating of information and images in your website pages, as of the time when the new information becomes actual; team recommends you to ask for a free quote for your specific needs of support / update, and to count on our express serving so you do not disappoint anybody of your users with out-of-date information.

Professional Advertising Management

If you promote something by your website, either to friends or paying customers, sure you will need more visitors. We offer such services – just ask for our opinion and we will find the proper solution.

CMS (content management system)

CMS (content management system) may be an acceptable solution for many of you who want а daily updated information on your site, such as updating text to replace images, add new menu buttons, etc.
We offer installation, modification and maintenance or subscribed support of CMS on your domain, and setting it for you in the most comfortable way. Most popular content management systems are: forum, blog, photo gallery and electronic shop.


Many of you know that every website, next to making, requires a proper name (domain name) and a space in Internet, where to reside - web hosting (it needs to be visible all the time). We offer you consulting and professional help for the choosing and purchasing of your domain name, recommend a hosting provider. For our customers we provie a promotional website hosting.


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